About Us

Cloud clothing is a one stop clothing company that can fulfill your needs. We strive to make people see how your apparel can be your perfect walking .We are manufacturer and exporter of garment products.

At cloud clothing, we insist in providing the best and quality product at a competitive rate. Every project brings us many chances to find new methods to express our ideas based on our experience in the clothing industry. We have matured in bringing forth mind-blowing garment solutions to man clients imaging problem. Thus whatever you have in mind, we will create a product and apparel solution that you have always wanted in the simplest, funkiest and most professional manner.

Our key business objective is to provide value for money solutions to meet our customers needs. We aim to exceed expectations through providing functional, high quality, innovative and cost effective products coupled with a range of customer focused service delivery packages.

All products are designed and engineered with specific embellishment concerns in mind and marketed to those companies that have an interest in the decorated garment industry.

Our job is to help our client create the perfect product and achieve prominent attention.


Actions and ideas formed out of the best of intentions often lack the ability to affect minds due to ineffective appearance. We, at Cloud Clothing have decided to reinvent clothing by providing tailored solutions to exponentially increase your accessibility. We, at Cloud Clothing, have decided to revolutionize clothing solutions by providing exceptional quality at affordable prices

Corporate Values : We, at Cloud Clothing, are willing to go to great professional lengths to make sure that the following values are consistent in our services :

ADAPTATION : We adapt your mission and make it ours , so that whatever we do is the best for you !

FLEXIBILITY : From scheduling to design to pricing, we offer complete client and merchant flexibility. We are open to negotiation, as we look for mutual growth !

EXCELLENCE : We firmly enforce excellence in everything ! You will have nothing but the best quality of service and product delivery.

With Cloud Clothing by your side, your quality and branding is taken care of. After all, A business absolutely devoted to quality will have only one worry about success. It will be embarrassingly large.


Cloud Clothing is committed to supporting our customers, fulfilling and exceeding their expectations, and enabling them to be more competitive in the market place.

The company is committed to continue to grow and evolve and to considering our corporate social and environmental responsibilities.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Cloud Clothing fulfill its requirement towards social responsibility by visiting schools ,colleges and teaching budding entrepreneurs about the clothing and garment industry. We conduct events free of charge from students where we educate them on entrepreneurship and also specifically on the garment business.

Cloudclothing serves by partnering Infinite trust to society by creating awareness about education .Mentoring students for their higher studies and motivate them to reach their dream.