A wedding is not just a ceremony, it is the ritual of bonding and perhaps the most awaited and magical moment in couples life. Whether couple accepts it or not, both has always been fantasizing about this particular day and when it happens for real, both are enthusiastic to look their best. We, at Cloud Clothing, have set out on a mission to make sure that India's bride/groom not only look their best, they feel their best too. We are proud to launch our all new Bridal Clothing Line, which is unique because you don't just buy a wedding dress from us, you create and build your wedding dress with us.

Our expertise with wedding dresses ranges from beautiful Kanjeevaramsarees to radiant LehngaCholis to scintillating Shararas . We firmly believe that little things such as your hair colour, eye colour and skin tone make a huge difference in the design of your bridal dress. We offer a wide range of material ,colour schemes and accessories to ensure that your bridal dress isn't just another dress. Rather, we ensure that your Bridal Dress becomes a part of you .


1. You contact our B.R.O ( Bridal Relations Officer ) at

2. We schedule an appointment for you with our C.B.D( Chief Bridal Designer .)

3. You tell us about yourself , your wedding and any ideas you might already have regard-ing your bridal dress.

4. We take into account every single requirement of yours, your wedding location, your wedding time , your hair, eyes , skin tone so that on that auspicious moment when you join hands with your life partner, the world conspires to make you look magnificent.

5. We design a bridal dress keeping into account all the above factors and mail you pictures. If you deem necessary we undergo repeated revisions until your heart and soul is satisfied.

6. We tailor your chosen Bridal Dress and deliver it to you right on time. You may speak in different languages, pray to different gods and celebrate different festivals, but for us at Cloud Clothing, you are an Indian Bride and we will persevere to ensure you shine like the moon on your wedding day.

With us, your Bridal Dress isn't just a purchase, it is an experience.