We at cloud clothing have decided to change the popular stereotype of going for mainstream jobs by helping create more job givers i.e, entrepreneurs !

We are proud to present to you the Cloud Clothing Suit Up program !

The garment and apparel business is a very interesting and challenging field for entrepreneurs to foray into. The founders of Cloud Clothing learnt through personal sacrifice and hard experiences the tools to successfully run a garment business in India and now, they want to help ease your transition from a de-pendent job doer to an independent job giver i.e., an entrepreneur.

Cloud Clothing has perfected the art of networking and sourcing garments from throughout the country. Years of healthy professional relationships and consistent performance has resulted in a lot of garment producers trusting us with their product and giving us unbeatable prices for the garments they produce.

We have also established a robust system of printing facilities which enables us to handle multiple gar-ment orders at the same time without compromising on time.

How the Suit Up program works

1. We , at Cloud Clothing provide to you our complete garment sourcing and printing services at a special manufacturing price.

2. You provide us with your designs and material requirements and we will print it for you !

3. And then, you can sell your very own line of customized apparel to interested clients at a profit margin you find suitable.

Who the Suit Up program is for

1. Designers, who manage to produce fantastic designs, but are unable to monetize their skills. Set up a website, display and get orders for your designs and we will print it for you !

2. Young entrepreneurs who wish to try their hand at running a customized apparel business , but do not have access to the often inaccessible garment producers and printing facility !

3. Individuals who wish to try their marketing skills in the real world by trying to make real profits.

Benefits of the Suit Up program

1. Learn to manage your own business, manage orders and deliver quality products to customers.

2. Understand the intricate details of the garment industry and how it runs.

3. Start your journey of networking through Cloud Clothing

4. Earn an income to sustain yourself and live an independent life.

5. Learn how to manage your finances.

Why Cloud Clothing has launched the Suit Up program

1. Our founders were passionate entrepreneurs with no support or guidance. They want to charge the entrepreneurship environment with practical support and energy

2. We believe that the only route to improving the country’s economy is by creating job givers.