Customized Orders

Why be satisfied with looking normal when you are special ? We, at Cloud Clothing, spe-cialize in providing customized economical clothing solutions to the following segments :

Corporate Clothing :

The accessories and clothing members of a group/company wear is a reflection of the group/company philosophy. Your requirement is our service.

Forget about promoting your company for a minute, and think about your favorite t-shirt. What makes it your favorite? Is it the fabric? The cut? The color? The design? The answer is that it’s probably all of these things. Change one of these aspects and it would probably no longer be your favorite shirt. Quality is key and the details really matter, so spend the extra cost and get the best shirt you can find. Fit, fabric and color are all extremely important. All of the more common manufacturers offer a variety of different fabric blends, cuts and colors, but be wary: not all shirts are created equal.

Every organization have their own ideas and uniqueness. We work on their uniqueness and make them look more special with their uniform,which creates employee’s pride to wear it.

We ensure that our clients, whether large or small, are able to concentrate on their primary objectives, leaving CloudClothing to deal with making you and your personnel look good and feel comfortable in their uniformed workplace

Cloudclothing never look how big our clients are ,we engage only on their satisfaction.

School sport t shirt :

Every school has uniqueness in their learning methodology .Only quality what they give in their education is not enough for a reputed school,they should also prefer the quality of dress what their students wear.